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Information Technologies

SME I.T. Consulting

  • We use a practical approach to your business needs.
  • We talk business, not jargon.
  • We save you money through the use of optimised technology and processes.

Website Development

  • Through a business analysis of your company, we create the website you need.
  • We have an experienced enterprise solutions architect, a business analyst, project managers and software architects at your beck and call to ensure that we meet your business requirements.
  • We document everything, a proper process trail, and give it to you. We have no desire to tie you down. You have the freedom to stay with us because we give your the service you expect.
Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Every business has processes and modules that drive it. We also think that should a process or module fails, it should be relatively easy and quick to change for a better one.

Our core focus is achieving a seamless way to change any business process or module without interruption or breaking open the piggy bank.

Our team has well over a century’s worth of experience in both corporate and small to medium companies optimising and limiting waste with hidden costs; sorting out your issues is in our DNA.

We start every project knowing that the goal is to get it to pay for itself and then make a profit in the form of savings. Win-win.

Why don’t you visit our blog to see how we approach business-critical processes and modules.

The TechMages process
The TechMages process
You run your business; you know what you need. We will sit with you to find the best possible solution for your situation. We will document the outcome for your reference at a later stage. It is vital for us to understand your business before we even begin giving you any I.T. or other solutions. And sometimes, we find that I.T. is not the answer to optimising your business.
We will assist you in all our solutions implementation. We do not believe that you should use valuable time from growing your business to do deployments. Our experienced project manager will keep you in the loop daily, so you always know where you are in the process and transparent about everything we do.
Gather your needs
Once we understand your business needs, we will advise you on the best practices and build a framework around your business I.T. needs. This framework may even include non-IT related optimisation. Though we are resellers of various products, we do not impose these if they are of no value your business. We exist for the sole purpose of helping your business grow.
Once the project is completed, we will supply you with all our implementation documentation. You will have everything you need should there be an issue. We can also assist you with a support retainer or pay-as-you-go support. Our team of support experts are all at your disposal.


Discover the magic of I.T. for your small business.

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