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We are a consulting company that focusses on small business and information technologies. Our founder’s dream was to bring enterprise experience to small and medium companies – so he started TechMages.

Pascal Parent founded TechMages as an organic revolution to the interest in his business skills and I.T. blog. The blog continues to grow, but if you cannot wait for a subject to come up, hire TechMages, we have the skills to sort out the issues, today.

In partnership with multiple small businesses, TechMages is committed to helping companies to grow effortlessly through the use of technology. We deal with all industries from media, to services to online – we can truly help you.

We have carefully selected every partner in our network for their knowledge and passion.

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Information Technology Toolset

Our skillset

Our founder, Pascal Parent, is a well-known blogger and a respected enterprise solutions architect with over 30 years experience in information technology and business. He has helped a range of small organisations such as Alchemy Health and Fitness Centre, The Great Guide and Youth Today Radio all the way through to large enterprises such as Telkom, Media24 and various banks to optimise their systems and procedures. You want the team of his best people helping you.

We have expert business analysts, project managers, software architects, graphic designers and other handpicked specialist working with us to help your company reach the next level, easily.

We are part also of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Our Expert

Pascal Parent

Pascal Parent

Pascal has been involved with many projects throughout his career from the development of software and web applications to complex information technology architecture. His unique approach to problems sets him apart from the herd. Talking of herd, one of Pascal’s special skills is the ability to herd cats and get the job done.

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Discover the magic of I.T. for your small business.

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