Using Virtual Cameras on an Apple Mac

As working from home is becoming the norm the requirements to have good video streaming is becoming important but many of us hit a wall when it comes to connecting or DSLR or Mirrorless cameras to or Macs begging the question why?

MacOS or OS X is built from one of the most reliable operating systems in the world, UNIX, BSD to specific. In short, MacOS has jails, or sandboxes, and each program runs in this jail, this is in part why MacOS has less viruses and is generally more stable, but it is also why virtual webcams do not play well with it. Whether you use OBS, Canon EOS Webcam, or any others from Nikon to SONY, as I do these do not appear in software such as Skype, Teams, Discord or WhatsApp. To get these programs to see any virtual drivers you will need to remove their code signature.

A word of caution, this may put your Mac at risk and we do not take any responsibility for any damages to your machine.

How does one go about it?

First open Terminal by pressing [command] [space] and you are 1/2 way there!

Now copy and paste the commands related to the program you want to use, SUDO basically elevates your rights to machine administrator so you will need to put in your password.


					sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/ Helper (Renderer).app"


					sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/ Helper (Renderer).app"


					sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (GPU).app"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (Plugin).app"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/Microsoft Teams Helper (Renderer).app"

WhatsApp (Working but needs revision)

					sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/ Helper (GPU).app"   
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/ Helper (Plugin).app"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/ Helper (Renderer).app"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/ Login"
sudo codesign --remove-signature "/Applications/" 

And that is it, you can level up yourvideo conferencing to a whole new level.

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Pascal Parent

Pascal Parent

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